Intergen Trafford

Bringing older and younger people together

What we do

We promote intergenerational learning in schools and seek to enhance the contribution that older people can make to their local communities.

Our 50+ year old volunteers play an important role a few hours a week by supporting the staff and children in Trafford schools.

“it’s real fun and I have to say volunteering helped me regain my confidence. I’ve done 8 years and never looked back. It’s been such a productive time for me, getting out and being useful. You have laughter and tears”.  

Why we do it

We believe that bringing older and younger people together creates positive cross-age attitudes, valuable social interactions and wider learning outcomes for all.

Intergenerational activities help address ageism and loneliness but also greatly contribute to the wellbeing, confidence and happiness of all involved.

“When younger and older connect, the intergenerational relationships built are a route to success in early life and a key to happiness and wellbeing in our later years”.

Mark Freedman- “How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations”.

How we do it

We recruit and place volunteers in our partner schools at no costs to the schools. Volunteers take part in academic activities such as hearing children read or helping with maths, as well as extra-curricular activities like art or cooking.

Both children and volunteers gain additional knowledge, skills and values. 

“We are immensely proud of our fourteen years association with such a wonderful and vibrant organisation”.

Debbie Vrlec – Head Teacher at Victoria Park Infant School.

Who we are

Intergen-Trafford is a cost effective, volunteer led Registered Charity that has been operating since 1999.

Intergen-Trafford makes a big difference to the wellbeing of its school volunteers, its cash strapped partner schools and most importantly to the children who benefit from improved life skills, confidence and knowledge.

Intergen-Trafford’s vision is to make a positive contribution to the development of young people and the community by bringing together schools and older people to work together in partnership.
If you are over 50 and would like to give something back to your community, this could be for you. 

News - Newsletters and Reports

AGM, June 2024

Intergen-Trafford AGM took place on 20th June 2024 at Worthington Primary School. It was a joyful occasion which started with the school choir entertaining all present with three well received songs. The Chair, Pauline Castledine, made her address with reference

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Intergen plaques

In late 2023, Intergen-Trafford’s Trustees decided that the close partnership they had with their partner schools should be recognized and appreciated by all members of the schools and their visitors. They settled on providing each school with a “We are

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Our 25th Anniversary

Having missed our 20 years anniversary in 2020 due to Covid, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary milestone instead in 2025. The schools are collaborating on a project with the theme: Generations Growing Together by making a display that will

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