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Intergenerational Learning

Intergenerational learning enriches education by bringing together the wisdom of older generations and the curiosity of younger ones. It’s a powerful way to build understanding, empathy and lifelong learning skills.

We have put together this resources page for those interested in exploring the concept of intergenerational learning which is now widely recognized as “a good thing worth doing” (Ageing Horizons, Issue No8, 31-39).

Intergenerational Learning and the contribution of older people

Sally Newman, University of Pittsburg, and Alan Hatton-Yeo, Beth Johnson Foundation

The challenge now for policy makers is to move from a situation where references to the importance of intergenerational learning and programmes are increasingly transformed to situations where the old are encouraged to be active participants in communities where they live to the benefit of all. We need to harness the energy of universal social will, community need, political support and economic and human resources to move “a good thing worth doing” to a policy reality, that insures a global policy shift that supports intergenerational learning as a vehicle to achieve global intergenerational solidarity.

Intergenerational Learning and Education in Schools and Beyond

Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

Intergenerational learning seems to be finally on the educational agenda. Thousands of initiatives in the way of intergenerational learning programs and practices are being implemented internationally to facilitate learning opportunities among different generations. Are school systems following this trend?