Intergen Trafford

Support us

 We are a volunteer led charity and we place volunteers in schools at no cost to them. We rely on donations to cover our running costs to promote our work but also to treat our volunteers.

Volunteers are our most precious assets

As a volunteer led charity, our expenses are kept to a minimum. Part of our funds are spent on office equipment and sundries and communicating and marketing expenses. The other part on our volunteers expenses and the get togethers we organise at least twice a year. We do not charge the schools for our services and we gladly refund volunteers expenses to come to our events.  

Become a sponsor

Joining Intergen-Trafford as a Corporate Sponsor is a rewarding way to support your community and engage like us in the issues you may hold dear.

Intergenerational learning is a truly effective way to combat the “generation gap” that has widen in the last 50 years.

Joining this growing movement through partnering with us will enable you to demonstrate to your clients and employees alike some positive core values and enhance your reputation.

We are particularly grateful to Slater Heelis Solicitors for their long time ongoing support. 


In memory donation

In memory donations are truly living and loving tributes as they help ensure that volunteers can keep giving their time, patience and love to the next generations.
There are several ways to honour a loved one’s memory. You could make a one off donation or an annual donation on their birthday or even have a funeral collection.
Alternatively, you may want to make a note in your will, so that your name lives on through the generations.
Whatever you wish to do, we will be happy to talk to you.

Make a donation

We are a small and very effective charity which does not engage in regular fundraising campaigns.
We appreciate every donation that is being made and use them to cover our running costs. But what we really enjoy doing is treating our volunteers to social gatherings or informative events.
In 2025, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary and we would really like to make it a memorable event for all our volunteers. Not least because, due to Covid, we had to cancel our 20th anniversary celebrations.
If you would like to contribute, we would be very happy to talk to you. (Please note that we do not have an online facility for donations.)

Be a chatterbox

There are few things more powerful than gossip; that social interaction that can spread information and influence others.
Most of our volunteers come to us having been introduced by others. One lady was put forward by her grandson. He had noticed his “nan” becoming depressed. “She needed to get out of the house” he said. “Now she seems happy”.
A young pupil hit the nail on the head when he commented “when I come to her, she’s always smiling and that makes me happy too”.
If you like what we do, please don’t keep it to yourself. Go on, have a good gossip on our behalf and perhaps join us and like us on Facebook.