Intergen Trafford

 In 2019, Sue Mosco took part in the “Fixperts” designing project at Springfield Primary. A young pupil declared: “I really enjoyed helping Mrs Mosco. I think she needs a break!”. 

The Sue Mosco Intergen-Trafford Award for progress

Sue Mosco was the driving force behind Intergen-Trafford for nearly twenty years. Sadly, she died in April 2020 and at Intergen-Trafford we wanted to create a fitting memorial in her memory which led to this award.

Prior to retiring, Sue was an award-winning Head Teacher of a primary school and she brought all her skills and knowledge to her role as Chair of Intergen-Trafford.

This award was created for progress, not necessarily academic, but more for personal and innovative progress which would be in Sue’s ethos. Some of our schools have said that they would like to keep the salver in order to present it every year. They were also keen in receiving a piece of information about Sue to keep on show with the award so that people know who she was.