Intergen Trafford


Bringing different age groups together to learn from one another is one of the corner stones of thriving communities and it increases schools’ profiles.

We take the hassle out of finding volunteers and provide you with invaluable “helping hands” at no cost to you.
Older people make reliable and enthusiastic volunteers. They also contribute their skills and time for 3 years on average.

We started in 1999 with a handful of volunteers and one school. Pre-Covid, we had over a hundred volunteers with an average age of 72, contributing in excess of 6000 hours to our then 24 partner schools in the Borough of Trafford.
The Covid pandemic meant that we lost 2 schools and many volunteers but we are encouraged that in 2024 we are seeing a resurgence in volunteering and we will need more schools.

We can’t promise to find you volunteers as soon as we receive your interest in taking on volunteers, but you can be assured that we will work hard for you and with you to find local and willing older people who will contribute greatly to your school’s aims and ethos.
Broomwood PS new volunteers

Our approach is based on intergenerational learning

Our approach is based on intergenerational learning and practice. It’s a concept that has gained a lot of  converts worldwide in the last few decades due to changing demographics but also its contributions to the wellbeing of both older people and children. It is making its way into the educational agenda.
Find out more information about the practices, outputs and outcomes of intergenerational learning on our intergenerational learning page.