Intergen Trafford

About us

Intergen-Trafford is a Registered Charity run by volunteers who passionately believe that younger and older people benefit hugely from engaging with each other.

We have 25 years of experience

We started working in Trafford in 1999 with a handful of volunteers and one school with the intention to bring older and younger people together in schools through a well supported volunteering process.
By the end of 2019 we had placed nearly 80 volunteers in 24 schools. Covid had a huge impact on our work and we lost nearly half of our volunteers. By early 2024, 52 volunteers were enjoying their placements in 22 partner schools and we are experiencing a growing demand.
90% of our volunteers stay volunteering in their schools for over three years, many for much longer. The advantages of being local have contributed to the continuity of volunteers and the stability of our relationships with schools and pupils.

We are always looking for new committed people to Join us

Our team is made up of a Board of Trustees that includes two heads of schools and a team of volunteer coordinators.
The coordinators  recruit, place and support our school volunteers as well as develop partnerships with the schools and act as a bridge between the volunteers and the schools. 

Since April 2024, we have been distributing wall plaques to our partner schools to enable them to highlight their commitment to intergenerational learning through their partnership with Intergen-Trafford. Our schools are not only proud of taking on volunteers, they appreciate their skills, patience, dedication and love for the children.

Volunteers enjoying some getting together events

Getting older people to engage with their community through volunteering in schools is our number one goal. Our 50+ year old volunteers play an important role by supporting the staff and children in Trafford schools and they love it.