Intergen Trafford


 Volunteering in schools creates social connections in and out of the classrooms, reduces loneliness and gives a new focus in the lives of volunteers.

Frequently asked questions

Most volunteers commit to one morning or afternoon per week, although a minimum of 1 hour is the least we would expect. 

No. If you have an appointment or want to go on holiday, that’s fine. You just need to let the school know. 

No. The only real requirement is that you are a reasonably fluent reader. 

This varies according to the school. You will never be asked to oversee a full class. 

This varies, but in most cases you will work with one child or a very small group, close to the classroom. 

Most likely yes, but not necessarily on the same day. 

No. This is the responsibility of the class teacher. However, you may have to ask children to behave or be quiet if necessary.

This will be at the direction of the class teacher and should involve some discussion with yourself as  the volunteer. 

The first port of call should always be the class teacher. In the unlikely event of there being a problem with the teacher, you should speak to your coordinator. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator in your area, or send us an email or a message. All necessary information can be found on our contact page. Thank you.